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    You can enjoy the luxury and benefits of an Akesis massage from the familiar, comfortable settings of your home, office, or our clinic. A massage table or chair is ready and waiting for you.

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    Whether a small office or a Fortune 500 company. Today’s companies are quickly discovering the proven health benefits of On-site Massage. Akesis can help you set up the right program for you and your team.

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    Hot Stone


    Treat yourself to the awsome healing heat of a hot stone massage.0

    A request for Hot Stone must be made 2 hours prior to time of appointment.

















    Massage Modalities

    Swedish Massage - Classic Swedish massage incorporates long, flowing strokes toward the heart to invite a re-balancing state of rest and relaxation. This is a great way to unwind and sooth both body and mind.

    Deep Tissue Massage - While still incorporating some aspects of Swedish, this style of massage allows the deeper structural muscles some much needed TLC.

    Hot Stone Massage - A variation on classic Swedish, smooth river rocks are warmed and placed key points on the body, and then used along the body's structures. The heat warms relaxes muscles, which allows the therapist to apply deeper pressure, if desired. The heated stone improves circulation and calms the nervous system, leaving the client in a blissful state after the session.

    Trigger Point Therapy - Focuses on stimulating and releasing "trigger points" in your body. These sensitive areas of tension occur in the belly of the muscle. Most commonly caused by acute or chronic muscle overload and direct or accidental trauma to a specific area.

    Pre-natal Massage - Designed to help expecting mothers relax and adjust to the changes within their bodies as well as reducing and relieving pregnancy discomforts.Orthopedic Massage - Specialized massage that focuses on rehabilitation and injury treatment. This session will be unique to your injury using any combination of techniques listed here.

    Sports Massage - Ideal for athletes looking to reduce injury, alleviate inflammation, and improve neuromuscular response and tone. Great for pre and post event, as well as training and day-to-day activity.

    Reiki - Subtle energetic healing system, in which the practitioner lays hands in various positions along the body's chakras to manipulate and transfer "Ki" or energy. Although we are all made of various energies, our physical bodies are eager for touch in order to accept lasting physical change and healing, which is why Reiki is an integrated aspect of any treatment. If manual therapy is not desired, Reiki treatments can be (as they are traditionally) as a stand alone therapy. Reiki is given as long as both client and practitioner are mutually willing, and deepens the body's relaxation and innate ability to heal.