Okay...new website...so nothing yet. by Michael Steel on May 8, 2015

So, two days ago I decided to completely redo the website. This is the end result. There are several things that I need to fix...such as links to our on-line booking.


Just want you to know that our Mother's Day promotion will continue through the end of the month. This is also a great opportunity for our 5 Star members to take advantage of an even greater discount as well.

It Begins... by Michael Steel on May 6, 2015

It is apparently time that I make a go at making Akesis my full time job. This is something I should have done months ago. Better late than never I guess.

Getting there by Michael Steel on May 9, 2015

Working on the links and getting the online scheduler up and running. I'd pull my hair out of my head....if I had any. ;)



Still working on it by Michael Steel on May 10, 2015

The links are now working. However, considering switching to a new online booking system. Sending out a mass e-mail to our clients was a nightmare.

Coming Soon: Father's Day ad. $49.00 for an hour massage.



New Issue. by Michael Steel on May 15, 2015

We are now aware that there is still an issue with booking online. Thank you for calling our attention to this. We have a call into the technicians and hope to get it resolved soon. Until then, please contact us via email or phone for your appointments if this issues still persists. (Update: Supposedly it is fixed again. They ahve been working on their booking code since Yesterday.)


Picking up. by Michael Steel on Sjpril 29, 2016

Things are going very well. Many days we are working past closing. It seems to run in spurts though so make sure you book ahead .