We are located at: 11126 SE 256TH Street, Office Suite 204. Kent WA. 98030. (253)777-4298. This is inside the Stratford Arms complex in their professional center above the leasing office. Please drive into the center of the complex and come inside the leasing office building. We are upstairs with several other businesses.

Yes, we do take credit cards or cash.

We at Akesis wish for our clients to be relaxed and comfortable during their massage. You can undress to the "level of your comfort". However, undressing to at least your underwear is highly advisable. Most of our clients choose to remove all clothing to allow better acces and better flow during the massage. Don't worry, you will be under a sheet and/or blanket while on the table. We are experts at draping techniques which protects our clients exposure at all times.

Yes, you can talk or lay quietly while you relax. It is entirely up to you. Sometimes some of our therapists use conversation to help distract you from moments of slight discomfort in troubled areas. However, if you would like silence, please inform our therapists before hand. This is "your" massage done the way "you" want it.

Yes. You can extend your time as long as your LMP has the time available. It is always best to book the time before hand, but we will extend if possible.

Yes you can. As long as it is okay with the LMP. We supply a high quality hypoallergenic lotion, but an acceptable client supplied oil/lotion can usually be used.

Our 5 Star Membership is our monthly program where our clients are given an incredible discount for our services. A member will also earn a free massage after five visits and can also earn a free massage from simply referring five friends or family. If there is a better deal out there, we haven't seen it.

Most definitely. Each page should have a "Book Now" button. Follow the easy steps and your are all set.