"What a great massage! Michael is professional, confident, considerate, and attentive to the individual needs of each client. I felt comfortable and relaxed before, during, and definitely after the massage. If you're considering or debating about getting a massage I would definitely recommend Michael. I felt release of tension and peaceful after this massage - I felt wonderful! Just thinking about it makes me want to schedule my next massage. Rachael W."
"Michael gives an excellent deep tissue massage. I felt rejuvenated and relaxed afterward. I would recommend Michael to anyone. He's focused with his technique. I am a former body builder with tight muscles, and it's hard to find a beneficial massage. I got that from Michael. Craig W."
"Michael's massage is quite possibly one of the best massages I have ever had. His intuition for locating trouble spots is not something all LMPs posess. He strong, yet gentle. His warmth and generosity of spirit shines through during the session. I highly recommend Michael." - Danielle M.
"All I have to say is that it was...EPIC!" -William D.
"5 star Best massage I have ever had. If you need a massage then you need Akesis. -Cherise R."
"Michael has a way of almost instantly finding all the right spots and applying the perfect pressure. He really does have a "Healing Touch". " -Sandi F.
"I had a massage from Michael a few months ago and it was the best massage that I had ever gotten. I really needed a deep tissue massage and he knows how to really work the muscles that need to be loosened up. I have had other massages in the past and there was no comparison to the quality massage that Michael gives. Anyone who has him give a massage will want to go back and have another. He is willing to give the extra time if needed to work out a problem area. He is very professional and will put you at ease." -Julie M.

"Micheal is an awesome therapist, he knew exactly where my problem spots were. Perfect pressure!" Tricia G.

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* Look for the leasing office, and head upstairs to the business suites. Not as hard to find as I thought. April 11, 2015

* One of the best massages that I have had in in long time February 04, 2015

* Very nice place and massage was wonderful January 22, 2015

* Sandi was awesome with her hands, just when it was feeling relaxing it was over. Yessssd
January 17, 2015